I Need Your Help



For my dearest and kindness friends, this is my life time mission now to make awareness to everybody about what happen to our senior at the hospital in our community.  I cannot do it alone and need your help.  Please do it with me to make awareness to what happen today with our senior under our medical care system.


I am going to tell my mom’s story in court but need your help.  My goal is to make awareness to public about what had happened at the hospital and what they did to my mom and hope to prevent another senior to go through what my mom went through.

  I need your support.  Please make a donation to any Vancity Saving (account #10100076713895) Senior Make Some Noise account or contact me at rachelmanhk@shaw.ca


All proceeds will be used only for legal fees and hiring a medical expert team and other legal expenses.

Thank you for your support.

Rachel King



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