About Wai Chun Tsang

She was my 91 years old mom. She was living a happy life until she was diagnosed with an early stage colon cancer.  Even she had colon cancer, she maintained an active lifestyle by exercising regularly and being positive with her colon surgery after her recovery.  She died on June 22, 2017 - the doctor at one hospital decided not to recuse her but let her slowly and painfully died.  


During the time my mom was at the first hospital, couple of times those doctors kept pressuring me and my family to sign a Temporary Substitute Decision Maker Form without explaining what was the purpose of the form.   We refused to sign because we wanted the doctors to provide all medical helps to save my mom. She did survive and she had recovered very well.  The colon surgeon even told us that she was 100% cancer free and was ready to go home in couple of days.


However, we mistrusted the full of confidence heart surgeon that led to my mom's last rocky health scare. Another ICU Cardiologist decided to stop providing all medical help and medications to my mom, without any regard to her wishes, letting her die slowly and painfully!  Even several times, we had begged her to save my mom she walked away from the room.  In the last 4 hours of my mom life, she had no choice but to die slowly and painfully with NO dignity and without worthy of respect even though she never gave up and wanted to live!

No Choice.......?!

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